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Sona, Maven of the Strings


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Magkano Ang Matitra sa Sweldo Ko?

noynoy paycheck

Sweldo. Kahit gaano kalaki man yan, dadaan at dadaan lng yan sa kamay mo.Sabik ang lahat basta marinig ang salitang sewldo unless istambay ka. Eto kasi 'yung symbol ng pagsusumikap nila for fifteen days either para sa sarili or sa pamilya. Karamihan ay dinadaanan lng ng sweldo ang kanilang mga … [Read more...]

The thing that I call Hapiness

home sweet home

  happinessĀ is a thing that people would die for. i went home to my family yesterday after work. they are in Norala and i got 1600php left from my salary. have to pay people of course... my main objective was to bring home to them our TV and set it up. i left Gensan at around 10 in the … [Read more...]

Never Create Your Own Problem


 Create anything but problems... Something really weird happened with the blogsite today! I can't open it! SHIT! i don't know what the hell i did but it just won't work! Every time I try going to my site, all I get is an error page! The next thing that I did is to try contacting the … [Read more...]

Is It A Stupid Thing To Tell Someone That You Like Her?


 Is It A Stupid Thing To Tell Someone That You Like Her? Depende... Depends on how you deliver your words and depends on how the person concerned would accept it. Depends on what are your motives and depends on what are your expectations afterwards. Well as for me, when I tell a person … [Read more...]

Freak on a Leash featuring Amy Lee


Here's a song that is good for people that feels like a freak.  Something takes apart of me Something lost and never seen Everytime I start to believe,something's raped and taken from me, from me Life's always gotta be messin with me [Amy Lee] You wanna see the light? [Korn] Can't … [Read more...]

Accidents do happen i guess… Was Still Able to Post.


Accidents do happen i guess.:) Actually, I was able to set my blog the other day but unfortunately, I made some mistakes and have to redo the setup again. Anyway, the site's now up, I'm on the process of configuring the widgets and the links and most probably, it will be ready for posting after a … [Read more...]