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Accidents do happen i guess… Was Still Able to Post.

Accidents do happen i guess.:)

Actually, I was able to set my blog the other day but unfortunately, I made some mistakes and have to redo the setup again. Anyway, the site’s now up, I’m on the process of configuring the widgets and the links and most probably, it will be ready for posting after a week. Too long you might say but what can I do? I’m only able to work on this after my tasks are all done. Anyway, sooner or later, it would be good to go.

Accidents are sometimes intended.

I created this site with the sole purpose of pouring myself out to anyone who would have the interest to read my blog. And if there’s no one out there who’d have the interest, who cares?  Atleast  I had been able to share what’s inside of me. Well nothing much. Just wanna share my joy, victories, deed for the day, sorrows, disappointments, angst and everything that affects me. But the most treasured thing that I would really love to share are my memories of everything that concerns my kids.

Accidents sometimes teach you in a way that at first you can’t comprehend.

I hope I would be able to inspire people with who really I am and I hope someday, someone’s gonna love me for who I am. Yes, because of accidents that happened with me and my family I had been a total wreck but I am proud to say that those accidents made me stronger against tides and storms. I also had done things that resulted with events that I consider accidents; to some product of stupidity. This is me and I am now saying things randomly(?). Just kidding.:) Reading this part of my blog is one of the many accidents that happened to you I suppose. Thank you so much then.:D

Seems like starting to be fond of accidents.