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The thing that I call Hapiness


happiness is a thing that people would die for.

i went home to my family yesterday after work.

they are in Norala and i got 1600php left from my salary. have to pay people of course… my main objective was to bring home to them our TV and set it up. i left Gensan at around 10 in the morning yesterday. had a lot of trouble on my way –  checkpoints, waiting time on the terminals freaking mall crews and freaking cigarette breaks. i set foot at the place at exactly 3 in the afternoon.

the first thing i did after hugging my wife and kids was to fix set the antennae for the TV.

easy thing to do if you got a partner. the thing with antennas in the provinces is that you have to use a long pole – bamboo in most cases – to serve as it’s base. been a hard thing for me to do indeed but while on the process of setting those things, i still have time to play with my two kids. chasing them around, playing hide and seek and carrying them on my shoulder, just the way we do things together before.  been a tiring day for me but damn, no one can pay those moments. those precious three hours with my family, it really made me hapy and content deep inside. since i don’t want to be absent for a day, i left Norala at 6 in the afternoon. haven’t slept yet since then. perhaps later after work, i’d be able to sleep soundly.

my body’s aching. i don’t care.

if this is the price to pay to be happy, to see those innocent smiles, so be it. no pain no gain.

Cian’s a laughing-face. i like it.

Ashlie is very observant.

Lycie is so sweet.

Mama is so beautiful. i missed her more.


good thing i went home…