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Never Create Your Own Problem


Create anything but problems…

Something really weird happened with the blogsite today! I can’t open it! SHIT! i don’t know what the hell i did but it just won’t work! Every time I try going to my site, all I get is an error page! The next thing that I did is to try contacting the support team of and luckily Chris was able to help me out with my concern. Setting up a blog is easy. i can create anew one if i likeBut the thing is, it is very difficult to create a new post especially if it’s about you or anything that has something about you. So here’s a list to remember for me and those who are planning to create their own blogsite:


1. Always backup everything you have on your site.

2.Avoid messing with stuff you are not familiar with.

3.In case of emergency, contact your webhost’s support team.


as for my case, after doing the aforementioned steps, my site is again running and i see to it that i don’t do something stupid again. though this site is done basically for free, it has been somewhat a part of my being. part of me in a sense that it relays words from my thoughts that silently screams the pain and joy i feel and i felt thus being an avenue for me to release what i have inside. this helps me create pleasure in terms of writing.

the site’s up again. i don’t have to create a new one…

gonna continue posting again. i hope i’ll have enough ideas to create posts with…

I’ve learned my lesson… the hard way. Again, create anything but your problems.