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Is It A Stupid Thing To Tell Someone That You Like Her?


Is It A Stupid Thing To Tell Someone That You Like Her?

Depende… Depends on how you deliver your words and depends on how the person concerned would accept it. Depends on what are your motives and depends on what are your expectations afterwards.

Well as for me, when I tell a person that I like her or him (just wanna point out that I’m straight), It is my way of saying that I enjoy his/her presence and I’m hoping that it’d last long. Focusing on the opposite sex, saying that you like them might impart a different implication on their heads. Most probably, if you’re gonna throw those magical(?) three words, especially if you only knew each other within a couple of months, they’d assume that you are aiming at them to be their partner. Four letter word for this one – SHIT.

There are a lot of people nowadays that view others to be very shallow to the point that when they hear someone say I LIKE YOU to a dog, they’d assume that you wanna f**k that thing.

Yes it’s obvious that I’m airing what’s inside me (ranting would be the proper term). Keep in mind my blog site’s title. The thing here is that I’m kinda disappointed with the way things happen the other day. Ain’t expecting that shit to happen. Again, like is different from love because if love’s gonna be the issue here, no one has yet surpassed my mom and my wife. Wew! Anyway, that’s how things goes around. There’s nothing  I can do about it. I won’t be exerting the same effort that I exerted on my wife.

Though I’m gonna stick on the term that I like that specific person.